Are you a Turtle or are you a Hare?

Those that do the miles gain the smiles.

Better still those that do those miles in steady style with no unrealistic expectations, controlled emotions, and steady resolve will succeed.  We must endeavor to keep our horse in this frame of mind to absorb, learn, feel us and work out what we are offering them.

We, the leader of this partnership take on great responsibility to enable our horse to look up to us, trust us, so we can preform as a team to the best of our ability. As in any team we must be aware of our strengths and weaknesses. The obvious is to play to our strengths, but vanity and pride get in the way especially when others are observing, and we suddenly expect that whatever happened in the past will magically work.

Then we blame our partner.

We can’t be on our game all the time, but we can achieve the best we can in the moment, with awareness of our limitation then and there. Maybe at home we could have done better, maybe if the merry go round didn’t upset the horse. The horse just judges right there right then and tells the truth no matter what we persevere no matter how much preparation or how our presentation was presented, horses are real earthy and tell us from their heart how they feel and need to respond.

To know our team member and set up the best we can for success our levels may be attained. Whether today tomorrow next week or the very next instant, this comes with leadership we can’t win all the time but, in the end, it’s our responsibility to instill desire, not as a failure but as a success, this is when we can win all the time, we just need to look at the positives this keeps us going forward. The true essence of leadership such as your team will gain trust desire and will do whatever you ask, because you will only ask what they are capable of.

Back to the beginning you as the turtle will succeed, the rabbit may win a few sprints but will end in failure, they will end up in the snare and not be able to deal with it.

Take your time you are dealing with a living breathing decision making heavenly creature. You will succeed just put things in perspective, just think how long you as an individual took to understand something. Don’t get ahead of yourself, like that joke, “how do you teach a dog tricks? Know more that the dog”. This takes time and in my option time well spent.

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