The Importance of ‘END GAME’ to the Horse

The Phrase ‘END GAME’ is not a game, its a way of progressing with the horse.

It’s a time out period for the horse, to understand what you are trying to suggest.  When presenting to a horse a new idea or feel and the horse is heading in a direction of understanding what you are asking, you need to just quit, meaning ‘END GAME.’

In achieving the ‘END GAME” it may take some time.  For example; asking your horse to back up (back away from you). When the horse starts to just shift its weight in the direction you are wanting to go every so slightly, quit, ‘END GAME.’ Then you build on this, so when you ask again for you horse to back up, get your single stride then quit, ‘END GAME.’  This is just a short analogy as an example, remember there are no time limits to your horses’ progression.

Recognising the slightest try, slightest change, reward.  To the horse the reward is releasing pressure.

The horse appreciates when we appreciate them, that’s why the ‘END GAME’ is so important, its our way of letting us show our appreciation to the horse, by backing off.  The horse really warms to this and lets the horse stay level headed keeping its anxiety down and been able to stay in a calm, comprehending way.

We don’t have to get the horse in a state of fight or flight for the horse to learn something. We need to approach the horse in a way they understand.

‘END GAME’ is very important with our analogy and ideology slightest try slightest change, reward. They go hand in hand.

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