Just Equus 2019 Reflection – A Message to our Clients

Looking back this year, it has been a very positive year for our clients. You have been exploring ideas, tasks and philosophy through my suggestions, demonstrations and hands on approach, with promising results.

You are grasping the concept of feel and understanding of your horse, the role as a leader, and not as an enforcer, and recognising the smallest try the slightest change reward.

By letting the horse know their efforts are pleasing to us, the best reward for the horse is relief or just back off for a moment.  Allowing the horse digest this moment, they can build on this very quickly.  The horse can understand what you are asking and attempt things in a responsible way and 99% of the time successfully. This is now happening in an easy ‘matter of factly’ manner, with the horse maintaining a calm disposition, enabling progressive positive learning on their behalf.

Therefore with no force, more of a suggestion, ‘setting up’ and letting the horse explore to a degree a path that will benefit both of you.  With us keeping them in sight of our objective through our leadership we enable the horse to find an outcome for themselves and being confident and satisfied in their own success.

Achieving this is no simple feat. Going back to feel, timing and balance, we work on ourselves to improve ourselves.  We can help your horse with our own confidence so when we can ask, the horse trust us.  We only ask something your horse can achieve and is capable of even if the horse may question us, your horse has enough confidence in us to give things a go and progress, and if necessary give it another go.

You all have a good idea on where you’re at, and that working on yourself and your presentation to your horse is the most important.

Being truthful to yourself and not to worry about what others think is very important, others only comment. Real friends support you with respect and understanding.

Stick to your beliefs. Explore other people’s ideas, in what they have to offer and work things out for yourself. Go with your gut instincts.

All the best for 2020, look forward to continuing our horse journey together and thank you for your friendship and support.

Look after your families, care for others.’ Be blessed that we can have horses and make your dream a reality through smart choices and hard work, enabling us to live the dream we want to live.

Peter Biggs

Horse Coach, Just Equus


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