Where It Began

After stepping outside the corporate world I found myself in wrangler jeans, boots and shirts, I was out of my depth, big time! It was exciting, fun and definitely a story worth sharing. I was so concerned about riding as I had zero experience. I had different kinds of stock horses, from quiet to not so quiet, Storm the horse became my best friend from Sunday Creek Station (NT). I had many bust ups from falling off the horse and airlifted to hospital, bruises from processing cattle and bleeding hands from fencing. Looking back, it was one of the most exciting moments in my life and would do it all again.

The experience I gained over the 7 years is irreplaceable, and made us determined to create Just Equus and to help other people with their horse. Our vision for Just Equus has been in the making for over 10 years, we lived-in the back of our car for two years travelling doing clinics in Northern Territory and Western Australia and spoke to many horse enthusiast who lost their confidence or had a lack of understanding and came to us for answers. We ran out of money and went back to the cattle station and mines to start saving and be better prepared. In between jobs we often talked about Just Equus, and knew when the time was right, we would continue our path.

Just like the movie Australia, we wanted to tell a great story, we didn’t focus we had zero funds as what we got back out of life was experience and a special journey Peter and I created.

Don’t be afraid to chase your dream or your passion – Eva Biggs.

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