True lightness ‘feel’ is achieved in giving back to your horse, because your horse will give back to you. So recognising the slightest try and the slightest change and reward. The horse understands this. You feel of your horse, your horse feels of you, and you feel together.



It takes time, practice and patience. You need some physical pressure to start with, but you keep doing less and less physical and more and more mental as you progress. Pretty soon, it’s just a feel following a feel. You can’t make any of this happen, but you can let it happen.



Balance and belief are intertwined. Your horse needs to be balanced to perform. You need to let it balance, by giving it its head, and you need to be balanced in the saddle, your heart and mind to achieve a true union with your horse. If you believe, you can achieve anything.

Just Equus – Peter & Eva Biggs

Just Equus was founded to help people improve their relationship with their horse. It is family owned and operated by Peter and Eva Biggs, who have a shared passion for horses and their relationship with people.

Peter, also known as the ‘Natural Horseman’, has over 40 years’ experience with horses. He has been involved in various horse disciplines including pony club, gymkhanas, one day events, camp drafting, western pleasure, western riding, reining, trail and cutting.

He was a student at Longreach Pastoral College, learning under renowned horseman Ken May. He went on to become senior horse instructor at Burdekin Agricultural College. He worked at stations across Queensland and the Northern Territory, with cattle and horses, until his mid 40s. He has travelled around Australia, helping people with their horses.

The Past

Peter’s love of horses started early. As a young boy he was enthralled by horses; how they moved, thought and interacted with each other. Like many, he dreamed of getting inside their heads. Unlike many, he followed his dreams and dedicated his entire life to working with and learning about horses. Now, he is dedicated to improving the relationship between horse and rider.

“I have been fortunate to have learned from some of the leading horseman in the world. I would like to share with you my experiences and help you achieve extraordinary things with your horse, no matter what discipline or level of experience. Our window is open to all horse lovers.” Peter Biggs, Horse Coach.

The Present

Peter is passionate about horses and the relationship between horse and rider. Through Just Equus, he helps people learn how to communicate with their horse and establish (or re-establish) a connection based on understanding and trust.

Peter teaches people how to achieve extraordinary results with their horse. His lessons and clinics apply to all styles of riding.

Just Equus aims to provide eye opening approaches and answers. Building a connection on feel, timing and balance. Creating an environment where you work with the horse, rather than against it. You want your bodies to become one. This is our goal.

The Future

To continue to grow Just Equus. To evolve and facilitate the need for passionate horse lovers, who want to improve their relationship and understanding of their horse/s. To help people who have lost their confidence and want to get back to riding, to those who want to strengthen their relationship with their horse, and to pass it on to the next generation.

We want people to stay in touch with us, no matter where they live and be part of our horse journey. Let’s share our learnings together and help one another excel with our horses, no matter what discipline or age.

Peter and Eva Biggs and Just Equus are based in Allenview, Queensland.

For more information call us today on 0418 744 134 orContact Us

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