Are you a reflection of your horse?

No matter how you acquire your horse, in time they will be a ‘reflection’ of you the principle caretaker. To what degree depends on our real time given to our horses and the way we conduct ourselves around them. Are we genuine in our approach, are we realistic in our expectations, are we fair and most of all do we respect that they are horses?

We as horse owners have a responsibility to ourselves that we must be responsible to our horses. Some horses end up becoming solitary animals, as we can only afford one, relying on us for more than just a feed and fresh water they are part of our herd now, they’re gregarious in nature. We establish their routines, respectfulness, daily environment, and overall wellbeing. Yes it’s more than just, “I own a horse!” It’s a full on commitment, just like owning other animals like dogs cats goldfish, whatever.

The horse’s attitude, demeanour, health and general presentation is a reflection of you and whether or not you’re delivering on your responsibilities. Presentation is not just whether your horse is clipped, rugged etc, it’s more in relation to coat, hooves, teeth condition, relative to a horse’s age and general health. Establishing a yard stick is hard in this area, but be truthful to yourself and humble enough to ask for advice and be prepared to make a change. If you’re new to the horse world, “observe remember compare” not my words but worth remembering. For those that give out lots advice, first look at their own relationship with their own horses, trust your own gut feelings >90% of the time your right. Their horses are a reflection of themselves, be aware.

After establishing a sound environment and trusting relationship with your horse where you’re the leader, the horse appreciates this. Not only are others willing to follow you, your horse will also follow. So it’s not about a bigger stick but setting boundaries.

In the end take a close look at your horse and ask yourself are you happy with the reflection you see in your horse? If not it may be as simply as acquiring more knowledge to get things to come around. All of us should have room for improvement in this area and if not, you need to look more honestly at yourself. If you’re not willing to change, not much else will change in your life.

In my observations so far, we are a reflection of our horse. The horse tells the truth it tells us how things are. No right or wrong just this is how it is presented.

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