A Conscience Look at Confidence

There are degrees in convincing yourself on what you can achieve. Truthful and untruthful. You need to be truthful, that is to you the person in the mirror. Don’t dress that reflection up into something that’s not achievable, realistic, mentally or physically. You will only come undone and spend more time making excuses and avoiding the reality. The reality is facing up to the predicament you may have got yourself into through emotions, spur of the moment decision, listening to others not your own instincts or not sticking to your original brief when purchasing your equine partner.

The more knowledge with experience converts to confidence.

To help with your confidence through your convictions and realistic expectations it’s not the mountain you thought you may have to climb. Let’s be truthful we want enjoyment, fun, love, a great big positive buzz when we go for a ride. There will still be learning, achieving and progressing with knowledge.

We don’t want to be perceiving the worst with every step the horse takes. That takes into consideration the environment, the people you may be riding with, and the tack you use, i.e. a saddle that helps you feel safe and comfortable etc.  So we can manicure and set ourselves up for positive performance through thoughtful educated decisions thus our confidence is on an incline not a decline. So is our enjoyment.

As is most things in life to improve and build our confidence, we need to work on ourselves.

You may have to revisit some of your decisions and change those decisions as upsetting as they may be. That will be the way forward the only way forward to really change your circumstances and regain your confidence! Don’t follow the same path that leads you to the same dead end.

This is not aimed at anyone or everybody, but horses are living breathing decision making creation from the heavens above as are we. But seldom are matches made in heaven. So to enjoy what you crave as I do be truthful to yourself because as we know horses don’t lie so don’t make excuses for them, they just tell it as it is. Let’s be thankful that we are all different as are horses, therefor we may need to shop around, no harm, maybe frustrating but for your wellbeing and confidence to enjoy the thing you enjoy, change will be so more positive and you will be able to regain your confidence. You may just surprise yourself.

Believe in yourself.

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