Be Fair, Don’t Expect Unrealistic Changes

Always re-evaluate your actions. Contemplate your reaction to the situation at hand remembering to consider the environment your demeanour and what you are asking of your horse. This is the essence of learning and only possible if you are honest with yourself.  It will enable progress through growth in knowledge and building on experience through application, the it’s up to you what you do with the information.  If you are still just as far away from progress you need to acquire other resources in the form of observation, starting over with a different approach, or seeking knowledge from those that you aspire too, in that they are achieving what you desire with a minimum of fuss shared by both student and teacher. Be fair, don’t expect unrealistic changes.

Just remember if we could improve learning by 1% per day in theory it would only take a 100 days in achieving a fully educated responsive partner in our horse. It’s more like .0001% increase per meeting with our horse and this fluctuates depending and how much we are asking of our horse.

I believe the less you expect and allow for comprehension with repetition the better and stronger the foundation enabling a higher level of understanding on the horse’s behalf resulting in the horses ability to compute our suggestions with ease. This occurs even faster when the horse is able to maintain a low level to zero amount of anxiety thus maintaining a relaxed manner or state of being. These things well help in positive progress with our equine partners. Enjoy the journey it’s up to you how far you take things but remember less is more.

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