Horses’ Perspective Dealing with Traumatic Event

“I don’t think a horse can change once it establishes a response to a situation that results in no thought to its own self preservation, putting itself and others in harm’s way.

You may think you have convinced your equine partner that they won’t revert to the extreme behaviour again. Sending your horse to an experienced trainer or a good horse person next door is not the solution. The behaviour gets covered up but not truly healed. The horse has been hurt badly, scarred in the mind, they seem to be ok on the outside but on the inside it just gets stored in the background where we can’t see, they only truly show us when it comes out again.

You have all heard the expression;

“I didn’t think that would happen again!”

Regretfully whether 7 days 7 weeks 7 months 7 years, but it will rear up it’s ugly head. This time the horse may hurt someone. The horse like us, learns how to put bad experiences aside. In a situation like this, the synapses line up and revert to an outcome undesirable to us but logical to the horse.

Take this as life has taught me so.”

– ┬áPeter Biggs


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