Judith’s Horse Journey

“I have been involved with horses for over 50 years, both riding, owning and teaching children the basics. I enjoy camp draft and cutting disciplines and I have 9 horses and ponies of my own at the moment. In recent years I have taken my own children, and those of friends, to Just Equus clinics on several occasions.

I found Pete to be a knowledgeable horseman with a lovely gentle approach to training and riding.

This has been particularly useful when I was looking for a safe, organised and fun environment to give teenagers some extra experience with various horses.

Since I bought a new 3 year old gelding earlier this year I have gone out to Pete’s to do coaching sessions on cattle. My new horse is a well bred little guy who was professionally started, but he’s young. I knew from taking kids to Foundation Clinics that Pete is someone who can train the horse and coach the rider too. As I have started to build a relationship with River over the last few months I have had cause to reflect on how different it is with young horses, compared to horses who are approaching retirement from performance disciplines and, those you have known and ridden for a long time. Trust is paramount.

Pete is very generous with his time and is always willing to listen to ‘where you are at’.

Just Equus facilities are terrific with excellent cattle yards and still local to us.  I have found is extremely useful to be able to use Pete as a ‘sounding board’ for myriad questions as I have replaced and upgraded old tack. I value his opinion and his extensive experience is evident in all that he does with a horse. The many years he has spent riding and working with horses throughout Australia is evident in his competence, and quiet confidence. As a professional educator myself I appreciate the ability to teach and impart knowledge as not all equestrian coaches possess this capacity. Recently, while working through some issues that have arisen in my riding.

Pete demonstrated all the qualities of a good teacher/coach/trainer- he is willing to listen, he is patient, he is firm when required, he communicates well and he gets results. Pete combines various principles of natural horsemanship, join-up and common-sense to allow the horse to make the right choice in the pen. He recognises a try, and is consistent. I look forward to a long partnership with my young cow horse, supported by Pete so as to optimise results and further my own knowledge.

I have always said to my kids, and other’s riding my horses that you take different things from different trainers. I also believe in making the most of working with someone talented when you have the chance. I wholeheartedly recommend Peter and Eva to others.”

– Judith


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