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Our exclusive reference library of videos, cover the ‘issues’ and ‘problems’ many horse lovers / riders face. These videos are designed to provide real and practical advice, to assist with your learning and development.  Suitable for any breed of horse, any chosen discipline and for any level of experience of handler/rider.

Our goal is to empower you and your horse to achieve a true partnership. We are dedicated to improving the relationship between horse and rider, by providing a channel of learning, creating trust and understanding between horse and owner.

Peter Biggs, horsemanship coach and one of the owner / operators of Just Equus, has over 40 years’ experience with horses and teaching. His vision is to bring horse and owner together, improving their relationship with understanding and communication, delivering harmony and horsemanship, through feel, timing and balance.

We invite you to join our horse community and journey, and follow our journey with our videos.

Customer Review:

“Amazing value!!! Excellent resource, as well as reference and back-up to your clinics and classes. All videos are well presented, easily understood and managed in short durations that enhances the learning process.” – Karin Bondarenko

“Great, love it, easy to understand and good to see new material added.  I am 50 years old and just back into riding and have found your ground work videos very helpful.” – Fiona Bell

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