Knowing where your Horse is at

People have to respect and be aware of where the horse is at!

What do you mean by that, you may well ask? By being realistic what your horse is physically capable of and not exposing the horse to something that would have them lose confidence in trying for themselves, or you. Your efforts in trying to establish a relationship you may expect way too much and this tends to lead to a meltdown on the horses behalf then some of us have a meltdown in trying to repair what is damaged. They are not objects, they are a living breathing decision making individuals with their own levels of action and reactions to the situation from their point of view not ours and whatever the outcome good or bad, the horse only sees what proved beneficial to their own view of survival, getting to a place where they can let down and rest again.  I refer this to as “End Game” (hopefully an amicable one) but getting there may not have been the path we were anticipating.  Thus losing their want too attitude and more importantly their mental state of being relative to the environment your presence and influence, in their security. That’s a herd or gregarious animal for you.

So in approaching a horse we need to look at where the horse is at and begin from there. If the horse can’t let down or come down start over and start back further than what you may have anticipated.

Its far better to stop and start over then let the situation develop into a survival action taken on the horses’ behalf. At this point it’s not about being right or wrong but establishing a basic starting point? The horse needs to understand that what you ask is obvious to the horse and when the horse does try we need to let the horse know that continuing along the guidelines your presenting there is an outcome beneficial for both the horse and yourself. Slightest try slightest change reward. The horse knows when you know and when you don’t. That will come with experience and an open mind. Observe remember compare.

If you can drop your ego, emotions, and energy and replace them with understanding, appreciation, and direction through guidance with suggestion, confidence is built and will be established in the student and you to develop a willing partner and you will be well on the way to your own successful achievements with your horse resulting in respect from both parties. Remember you will and need to learn from the horse because the horse always tells the truth. Listen you have two ears and two eyes and a gentle  touch, hold up on the other one, your voice, the horse will respond in kind and kindness.

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