Rhythm is the combination of timing and balance and the more we practice (only perfect practice make perfect) the more natural it becomes, automated without thought as we require it right then and there.

We have the ability to change our rhythm in a heartbeat, stop it, accelerate it, slow it down or respond like a wave length to adapt to our environment as required or needed.

Now when we work with another like our horse, we need rhythm to co-ordinate movements for a response between the two of us, building an understanding “feel” (you feel of your horse your horse feels of you and you feel together) or better still a willing relationship. One that appreciates where the other is coming from and a vision to where we are headed realistically.

We need the ability to be flexible in getting to our goal and not having time constraints or deadlines that can put both parties in a unnecessary place, which inhibits our ability to be in an open, absorbing learning frame of mind. Quite the opposite, straining relationships thus the need to re-evaluate, go back to a place where we are both comfortable and then start building on. In other words, get back to a steady rhythm that both parties can handle without getting out of rhythm or shape but in sync, unity.

The horse will give more to you than you may ever know if you let them. Resulting in whatever your goal, a seemingly effortless movement with no harshness heaviness rudeness, but a thing of beauty and pleasure between you and your horse, a flowing movement rhythm seemingly as one. A true understanding a relationship each respecting one another having learnt to live with each other and flow through with timing and balance resulting in rhythm established with FEEL.

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