Time in Achieving our Goals

After viewing some of the footage of our Horsemanship Clinics, reinforced to me the need for all of us to take our time in achieving our goals.

  1. Have no time schedule. It doesn’t have to happen now today or next week. It will happen when it happens the horse will let you know. Not when you what it to happen, this is when
    things come undone.
  2. Being able to recognize when the horse is trying. No matter how small the try. You will be able to set the horse on a path in the
    direction you wish to go. Not being able to recognizing a try on the horse behalf, sets the horse looking in a different direction and it won’t be long and we will be at a loss to the horses’ behavior genuine confusion and then defensiveness. The horse responds in this way due to the fact that no matter what it’s tries we keep throwing up obstacles and after a while its flight instinct activates. Recognize the slightest try and the slightest change and reward.
  3. When dealing with a horse and whatever you’re doing comes undone STOP! No harm done, go back to doing something the horse is comfortable doing. Then build on. If by building on you still end up with nothing you need to change tact. A different approach, we are the smart ones swallow some pride and approach from a different perspective. It may sound obvious but if it was so obvious we wouldn’t have issues.
  4. You must be able to have some basic control of direction of the horse thus control the horses’ feet. Also be able to get the horse to let down. This can happen as easily as leave the horse alone and let it get its head down, releasing some pheromones let the horse relax. We want the horses’ respiration and heart rate down. Let your own body language come down. We all need to work on this.

In summation for achieving goals, keep it simple, Recognise the slightest try and the slightest change and reward the horse, if things start to go wrong Stop and start over, give the horse some space leave it alone, work on your own body language and energy be aware of your levels you give off to your horse and others.

Enjoy the journey make realistic expectations of you and your horses abilities, thus be truthful to yourself the horse always is.

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