Time & Quality

Time doesn’t stop, falter, pause or back up. You can’t replace it, rewind it or relive it. Past is the past, now is what matters and how you need to plan your time for the future. Don’t relive the past, live the future.

Don’t waste time, time is short and doesn’t wait for us. We have to keep up with time, that’s where quality comes to the fore. Thus with our so called ‘modern lives,’ allocating quality time for our horses is essential. Very few of us, can devote more than one hour of each day to our horses, therefore you must utilise feed time, walking past your horse, riding and ground work. Don’t beat yourself up if you can only spend 5 minutes a day with your horse. Make the most of the time you do have. Perfect practice makes perfect, succinct lessons then move on. Don’t repeat the lesson, trust your horse and they will remember these short sessions, there is always tomorrow.

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