Your Presentation to your Horse

Your Presentation to your Horse

Your presentation, approach, demeanour, attitude, state of being and awareness of your horse and surroundings all make a difference to the horse’s first acceptance or refusal to your approach.

We have all approached our horses hundreds or thousands of times, and whether we are aware or not, we do fall into routines and mannerisms. The horse will detect the slightest changes.  The more mature the horse in our relationship with us normally more accepting of things.  The newer horse, you may need to re-adjust your thoughts on your presentation for its own need for comfort, survival and self preservation. The horse may lift in energy, awareness, reactiveness, or start to perceive things that are there or not there.  This type of behaviour is evident in the evolution of Equus – in its ability for survival the two “F’s” – Flight or Fight.

The horse’s preservation in the earlier stages of development, is through its own instincts, its way of surviving and coping in what we are presenting.  Even through centuries of domestication, the horses will go back to its instincts.  So we as humans, need to understand and be aware of this.  We can assist the horse by presenting a positive change through repetition so the horse becomes more accepting of things. For example, saddling a horse, its quite a challenge in the beginning but eventually it takes saddling in their stride. This is relevant to all the things we introduce to a horse.

The better we prepare our horse, the better the outcome.  As I relay to my clients; horses are still horses- a decision making individual that comes to decision and its own outcomes.

It is our responsibility to help the horse maintain a low level of energy and anxiety, to help with their instinctiveness to become more aligned to common sense, for both them and us to have a more harmonious outcome in our relationship.

To help with your presentation we all need to slow down, not creep, and remember to breath. Be 100% on what you want from your horse, but 100% of something that’s achievable.  As discussed in some of my earlier blogs, if you try and things aren’t working out, start again, start over but reduce the level of expectation, achieve, that then build on.

Presentation is so important, its first impression, and first touch, what you would expect and the individual response you would like to see in return.  It can be the start of something great but most of all, once establish you have just created a starting point, when things start go in the wrong direction, you have established a safe point to return so both parties can start again.   A great foundation for the future.

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2 Responses to “Your Presentation to your Horse”

  1. Karin Bondarenko says:

    Ironically our horses are our guidance. If we take the time to slow our minds down, clear our thoughts and focus on our interactions and goals, intuitively we can feel not only how soft, how simply we are approaching and communicating that is being understood.
    Empirically our horses’ responses are the key to our intuitive senses and if we allow ourselves to slow down, remove all expectations, we can learn to see and feel our horses’ guidance by their response to our interactions. Timing may then feel so much more natural, once our senses have heightened to feel our equines responses.

    Errors in communicating with my equine friends have led me to the realization of how I have become a human that performs tasks with intent to do quickly and routinely in order to meet deadlines in a stressful corporate world that is far removed from the subtleties of a horses’ life.

    As human, many would think that we are superior to no other. Perhaps we are. However has our society and way of life, often too stressful and filled with routine and deadlines, dulled our senses and pushed our expectancies to unrealizable expectations? I feel amazed that I have the opportunity to learn to slow down, relax, become more sensitive and learn to tap into an intuitive realm by learning to see by my eyes again and not by assumptions of the mind, all by a horses’ guidance.

    Now that is a way of life!

    Thanks Pete, I liked this blog. It home with me and is great mentorship!

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